Tourists can make night halt in 5 Nature Camps inside Similipal i.e.Barehipani,Jamuani,Kumari,Gurguria & Ramtirtha. With different wild calls piercing through the silence of the forest,all Nature Camps in Similipal, criss crossing the dense forests in the heart of the Park, offers a lifetime experience to its visitors.Barehipani Nature Camp is located near Barehipani Waterfall and is around 28 Km from the magnificient Joranda Waterfall. Jamuani Nature Camp is deep inside the forest of Similipal adjoining the Core forest.Kumari Nature camp is amid the beauty of wilderness and Gurguria Nature Camp is close to Pine Forest and one of the most beautiful Orchidarium of our country is here. Ramatirtha Nature Camp is located close to Similipal Tiger Reserve at Jashipur. The unique traditions & culture of the primitive forest dwelling tribes of Similipal is another attraction for the people visiting the landscape. As one moves from one Nature Camp to the other, the change in the type of vegetation and landscape is distinct. From birding to trekking or camping in the comfortable accommodations in the midst of forests beneath the starry sky, Similipal offers varied experience to all its visitors. During Monsoon and Winters visitors can see swirls of mist below over the hills, in lower reaches rivers and waterfalls swaying rhythmically in the forested valleys gives hair raising experience to the travellers. Summers are cooler in Similipal and the forest canopy displays different colours of vegetation and flowers during this period.
All the 5 Nature Camps are approachable via Jashipur on NH-6 (connects Kolkata to Mumbai). Jashipur is 117 Kms from Baripada and 290Kms from Kolkatta. Barehipani Nature Camp near Barehipani Waterfall is 40 Km from Jashipur. Jamuani is 28 Km from Barehipani and 40 Km from Jashipur. The diatance between Kumari & Barehipani is 22 Kms and Kumari is 40 Km from Jashipur. Barehipani Nature Camp has 8 numbers of well furnished rooms ( 8 numbers of cottages). Ramatirtha Nature Camp at Jashipur which is on the bank of river khairi has 10 number of luxury accommodations (4 rooms in Debasthali Cottage, 3 Tribal Cottages, AC dormitory 1no & Non-AC dormitory 2 nos). Ramatirtha has a Crocodile Rearing Centre. The place also has mythological importance in History of Odisha. Gurguria, Kumari & Jamuani Nature Camps are 24 Kms from Jashipur. There are 14 nos of eco-cottages in Jamuani (Santhali Cottage- 9 rooms, 4 nos of tents, Bamboo Cottage- 1no).
14 nos of comfortable cottages are in Kumari Nature Camp (8 nos of Santhali Cottages, 4 nos of Bamboo Cottages & 2 nos of Kumari Manchan). Within the vast stretches of Jungle and Pine forest, there are 7 nos of cottages in Gurguria Nature Camp (4 nos of rooms in Pine Villa, 2 cottages and 1 Bamboo Hut).There is an Orchidarium in Gurguria with 63 indiginous Orchids which looks beautiful in Summer when those flower. All the Four Nature Camps in Similipal have catering facilities and food is prepared and served to the eco-tourists staying in the nature camps by the community members. Similipal Nature Camps are famous for its local cuisine prepared by the natives.
Joranda Waterfall
Santali Cottage
Interior Of Bamboo Cottage
Interior Of Tents
Dining at Kumari
Newly Constructed Santali Cottage at Kumari Nature Camp
Kumari Manchan
Bamboo Cottage
Newly Constructed Santali Cottage At Gurguria Nature Camp
Debasthali Cottage
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