Witness the beauty of lush green forests of Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary from Patora Nature Camp located on a hillock overlooking the Patora reservoir, just 22 kilometers west of Nuapada town in Nuapada district. Five luxury accommodations (4 tented cottages & 1 cottage, all air conditioned) for comfortable stay of 2 persons/ cottage, Patora Nature Camp is a pleasurable experience for family & adventure trips. The Camp is ringed by the vast sprawling Patora reservoir on river Jonk and dense forests of Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary. Patora camp is a pleasant place to visit throughout the year to form a whole new bond with nature
Nature walks, bird watching, cycling is the best way to spend dawn and dusk at Patora. With more than 200 species of birds, the landscape nurtures variety of wild animals like Leopard, Bear, Deer set in the valleys, mountains and magnificent waterfalls inside Sunabeda Sanctuary. After a well spent day, come to the cafeteria and group dining hall that closes the day on a perfect note.
Food with touch of local delicacy (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) is prepared and served at our camp by the community members, giving utmost importance to hygiene and taste. Food is a part of room rent.
Recent Updates
  • Similipal Closed.
    Due to Unprecedented bandh call by Local people: Visitors are requested not to proceed to Similipal Nature camps at Barehipani, Kumari and Gurguria till further information.
  • Opening of Dambargarh Nature Camp for tourists
    Explore the wild and watch nature closely at newly opened Dambargarh Nature Camp.
  • Closure OF Bhitarakanika Nature Camp
    Closure Of Bhitarakanika Wildlife Sanctuary and Bhitarakanika National Park for Annual Salt Water Crocodile Status Survey From 05.01.2024 to 13.01.2024 .
  • Information
    Dear Tourists,We have an exciting news for you,Boat Booking is now opened in our website.