River Mahanadi and landscape in Siddhamula Nature Camp

Sidhhamula Nature Camp located on the bank of River Mahanadi in Khandapada Range of Nayagarh Forest Division is a beautiful place providing a scenic view of forest and river Mahanadi in front. The area is very close to Satkosia Tiger Reserve under Mahanadi WL division and the Sand Resort ecotourism complex at Badmul and about 50 km from the NH-16 passing through Nayagarh District. Siddhamula Besides this the migrating birds visiting the Mahanadi river system in winter is an additional tourist destination.

The site has conceptualized in such a manner that it can provide a suitable Eco-tourism destination for the tourists coming to the area to connect them to nature and wildlife. Nayagarh Division aims at developing the site and activities in such a manner that it will have least impact on the surrounding and will take suitable steps to increase the presence of wildlife in the area in a responsible manner

The activities which are part of Eco-tourism at Sidhhamula are given below:

1. Stay at cottage

2. ForestWalk / NatureWalk

3. Bird Watching and botanization

4. Visit to the historical/religious places situated nearby

The Vehicle will be provided to visit the religious places on payment at ecotourism site.

All the aforementioned activities has been undertaken with proper care, and designing to ensure that there is virtually no impact on the surrounding environment.

Site at a Glance

Siddhamula is located at a distance of 50 km from the National Highway 16 . The location is 40 km from Nayagarh Town and about 120 km from the state capital Bhubaneswar. The geographical location of the site is 20.398422°N latitude and 85.108260°E longitude. The site is surrounded by thick forest of Manibhadra, Maisibindha and Barakhola RF. Presence of river Mahanadi in front and places of historical importance like Jogijogini Budhhist place, Nilamadhab temple ( in forest areas) nearby will add to the scope of visit of the tourists. Deojhar water fall and the temple Champanath is situated on Narsingpur - Badamba road which is nearer to the nature camp.

With Such advantageous location with respect to presence of birds , thick forest cover and places of religious importance nearby the site has a great potential for ecotourism activities like nature walk, Botanization, Nature photography, birding and bird photography etc.

Main gate with sentry room

One main gate with sentry room has been created to have a regulated entry of visitors.Only those having booking can enter after proper record verification.

Watch tower:

One watch tower has been developed in the site which will help in viewing the scenic beauty of river as well as the bird watching in the river bed.

Childrens Park and interpretation centre:

A small park with various outdoor playing equipments for children has been developed inside the campus for the kids with the families visiting and staying in the Nature camp. Beside this indoor game facilities are available in the interpretation center below the old cottage. Here they can play ludo, carum, chess, read books .

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