Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary
Debrigarh Nature Camp is nestled inside the famous Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary & on the bank of vast Hirakud Lake & Reservoir (743 Sq.Km). Debrigarh Sanctuary is popular for easy sighting of variety of wild animals (Bison,Leopard,Sambar, Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Chousingha, Wild Dog, Porcupine, Nilgai etc) & migratory birds by the visitors. Debrigarh Nature Camp is 40 Km from Sambalpur town &  45 km from Bargarh town. Zeropoint is the entry point to Debrigarh Sanctuary and Debrigarh Nature Camp is 5 km from Zeropoint (5 km motorable forestroad through Debrigarh jungles). Debrigarh Sanctuary,a photographer’s paradise,spreads over 353SqKm.It is flanked by Hirakud Reservoir (right dyke of Hirakud Dam) which is a Wetland, Ramsar Site and International Bird Area. Tourists can see variety of wild animals while trekking by foot or during Safari in vehicle on the forest road from Zeropoint or Nature Camp to Parbatitung(15 Kms) all along the reservoir and large groups of Bisons(Gaurs) are commonly seen. The sanctuary is home to more than 40 species of mammals, 234 species of birds, 41 species of reptiles, 12 species of amphibians, 65 species of fishes, 85 species of butterflies and is important Internationally because of significant population of Leopard, Bison and Sambar. The sanctuary is also famous for its beautiful landscape and magnificent waterfalls.Hirakud lake is the largest reservoir of India & more than 110 migratory birds land here every year- A Bird Watchers paradise.
Debrigarh Nature Camp has 14 luxury rooms(8 luxury rooms and 6 cottages) with all modern facilities. All the rooms are AC,well-furnished and are with classy furnishings to make night stay comfortable.The restaurant cum dining adds beauty to the landscape. The beautiful view of the Hirakud lake from the rooms & dining adds to the indulgence making the Nature Camp an ideal holiday gateway. All the accommodations in the Nature Camp are Lake facing on one side and forest on the other. At night most often wild animals visit the backyard of the Camp foraging all through.
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Complementary for Night Stay visitors  Breakfast,Lunch, evening tea & snacks, dinner (Local cuisine both veg & Non-veg including Hirakud Fish). Cruise to Bat Island is also complementary besideTrekking,Cycling,Birding.Stay for drivers is available free of cost.
Other activities for day tourists & nightstay:Wildlife Safari (online or spot booking)/Kayaking/Trekking/Hirakud Cruise/Island visits etc.
Packages: Night Stay & Day tourists can avail our Jungle Safari and Cruise packages (Booking - Online/Offline). (Package Booking:see nearby destination &  Contact us)
Choose your Safari Vehicle: 4 Seater(Mahindra Thar both open jeep/AC), 8 Seater, 10 Seater (AC), 12 Seater.Choose your Cruise-boat :8-Seater & 20-Seater.
1. Wildlife Safari (2 hours safari Inside Sanctuary from Zeropoint or Nature Camp to Parbatitung) :
2 hours thrilling wildlife Safari inside the jungles of Debrigarh. The Safari road runs parallel to Hirakud reservoir & inside the forest. Sighting of Bison,Leopard,Deer,Sambar, wildboar and many birds is a must. View of Islands in the lake is enchanting. Enjoy tea and snacks(jhalmudhi) at Parbatitung and back. Debrigarh is a famous photographers paradise as wildlife sighting is the best here in eastern India.

2. Hirakud Cruise & Island Odyssey( Boat ride to 3 islands in Hirakud Lake) :

Visit the "Bat Island" filled with thousands of Bats with binoculars and camera, which is conserved by the local fishermen communities of Debrigarh Sanctuary. Also relish local fish cuisine and recipes prepared by them.Sunset Island is 10 mins from BatIsland and Cattle Island with wild cattles on it is 1 hour boat ride from Nature Camp.
Take a tour of the sprawling and the 3 islands( Bat Island, Sunset Island & Cattle Island) with our Eco-guides. The lake is surrounded by Debrigarh Sanctuary which is myriad of mountains ranges with peaks & green valleys filled with varied of wild animals. The Cruise ride offers the chance to sight and experience the animal world when they slowly start moving to the Lake with their herds during dawn and dusk. With binoculars on a silent watch of this picture adds value to your expedition.
3. Debrigarh on Wheels(Safari outside Sanctuary, sightseeing) :
The whole safari timing will be of 4 to 5 hours. Road trip in our Thar vehicle(AC/Open jeep ) & 12 seater Safari vehicle(AC) to Hirakud Dam, Sambalpur Zoo, Samaleswari Temple & Sambalpuri handloom shopping at Sambalpur. Jawahar Minar–Jawahar Minar situated on Hirakud Dam is 64 feet height. One can have the view of Hirakud Dam(Longest dam in the World), Hirakud Reservoir (Largest artificial lake of the Asia) and Debrigarh Sanctuary from this. The zoo’s main attraction are Leopard, Bear, Aviary and other animal like Chowsingha, Spotted Deer, Sambar etc.
4. Debrigarh on Wheels(Safari outside Sanctuary, sightseeing) :
The whole safari timing will be of 5 hours.From Debrigarh(Zeropoint or Nature Camp) to popular KedarnathTemple,Veer Surendra Sai Memorial, trip to Barabakhra Pilgrimage Site with waterfall & historical caves & Govindpur Birds Village. Enjoy local cuisine(Lunch) at Veer Surendra Sai Memorial managed by rural communities. Have tea snacks at Govindpur Birds Village situated on bank of Hirakud Lake and also enjoy wooden-boat ride. The whole village is fishermen village full with variety of fishes.
5. Hirakud Cruise (guided tour)to Govindpur Birds Village :
Cruise timing is 5 hours from Debrigarh (Zeropoint or Nature  Camp) to Govindpur-Birds Village in Hirakud Lake. Enjoy Tea in the mid of lake while in Cruise.The landscape of Hirakud Lake is  beautiful as congregation of  migratory birds , sandbars, agricultural fields along shoreline, Debrigarh Sanctuary all along with to-fro movement of wild animals near lake during dawn & dusk, and most significant are the submerged ancient architectural - temples and mountains floating inside the lake. At Govindpur- Birds village : lunch/tea/snacks is complimentary. You can also enjoy wooden boat-ride at Govindpur.
6. Combined Packages“ Safari & Cruise(Package 1 & 2)” together :
Hirakud Cruise & Island Odyssey ( Package 1) - The visitor can travel from Zeropoint to Debrigarh Nature Camp by Jungle Safari vehicle and from their to cruise by boat to Bat Island and Sunset Island then back to Zeropoint. The entire safari and cruise time will be 3 hours approx. Snacks(Charcoal grilled fish etc) and tea is complementary at Bat Island served by the local fishermen community. 
Hirakud Cruise & Island Odyssey( Package 2) - Beside package 1, the visitors availing package -2 can cruise upto Cattle Island. Visitors can see cattles on the Island which are wild in behaviour.

For Detail Tariff and Offline Booking of above 3 packages, contact :

Kishor Meher (ECO Cell)-(,9438113285) –1pm to 11pm.
Miss Salma Akhtar-(,8763373989) – 6.00 am to 6.00 pm.
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