Zero Point :
Close to the Debrigarh Nature Camp towards Jawahar Minar at the end of Right Dyke is Zero Point. Visitors move along the twisted road to reach zero point You can see the vast Hirakud Reservoir on one side the Hirakud Dam and Debrigarh Sanctuary on the other side of the horizon from the Dyke itself. Driving on the Dyke is a memorable experience.
Hirakud Dam:
Built across river Mahanadi,Hirakud Dam is the longest earthen dam in the world. It is 25 Kms long including 20 Kms of Dyke and stands across the river Mahanadi spanning between two hills.
Hirakud Reservoir:
Spreading over 743 Sq Kms Hirakud Reservoir is the biggest artificial lake in India. From Gandhi Minar & Neheru Minar the reservoir can be extensively viewed. Visitors can also visit the Power House, Nehru Park of Hirakud Dam and famous Samaleswari Temple at Sambalpur, Ghanteswari Temple and Chiplima Hudroelectric Project at Chiplima ,Leaning Temple at Dhama on River Mahanadi which are located nearby.
Leaning Temple of Huma (Sambalpur) :
The Leaning Temple of Huma in India is one of only two leaning temples in the world. It is located in Huma, a village situated on the bank of the Mahanadi, 23 km south of Sambalpur in Odisha. While the edifice leans, the pinnacle of the temple is perpendicular to the ground. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.
Nehru park (Hirakud) :
Samaleswari-Temple (Sambalpur) :
Gandhi Minar (Hirakud) :
Hirakud Cruise:
Hirakud Cruise gives you the chance to be in awe of Debrigarh again. Take a tour of the sprawling Hirakud lake (the largest reservoir of India) and the islands within during sun rise and sun set with our Eco-guides. The lake is surrounded by Debrigarh Sanctuary which is myriad of mountains ranges with peaks & green valleys filled with varied of wild animals. The Cruise ride offers the chance to sight and experience the animal world when they slowly start moving to the Lake with their herds during dawn and dusk. With binoculars on a silent watch of this picture adds value to your expedition.
Island Odyssey:
Hirakud Nature Camp gives you an opportunity to visit the tropical islands of Hirakud lake by Hirakud Cruise. Visit the "Island of Bats" with binoculars and camera, which is conserved by the local fishermen communities of Debrigarh Sanctuary. Also be the guest of fishermen families who are earning their livelihood from Debrigarh Eco-tourism and relish different simple fish cuisine and recipes prepared by them.
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