BATIGHAR : Batighara is the first lighthouse installed in eastern coast of India. It is surrounded with pleasant natural beauty. By road from Dangamal to Jumboo is 65 Kms and from Gupti to Jumboo is 55 Kms. From Jumboo 1hr 45mins boat ride leads to Batighara. Visitors can see mangrove forests on both sides of river while moving on the boat.
Hukitola : The untouched and unexplored Hukitola island is 160 years old functional Lighthouse. It is also known for being the breeding place of horse shoe crabs and is an Ancient Port of British period. The 141-year-old sprawling Hukitola building carries the proof of excellent British architectural skill with rainwater harvesting system. The remnants of majestic buildings with wooden staircases and rain water harvesting system in Hukitola island is the symbol of the glorious past of the state. On the way from Jumboo ( 65 kms from Dangamal by road and 55 Kms from Gupti by road) to Batighar is Hukitola Island.
Kalibhanjadiha island : It is a group of 7 sister-Islands in river Dhamra. Spotted deers, Wild pig and Crocodiles are often seen on this landscape moving and basking in the mangrove forests and pneumatophores. Khola is the Boat-Point for visiting this exclusive island. Khola is 10 Kms from Dangamal and 35 Kms from Gupti. From Khola Ecotourists can hire boat for visiting Kalibhanjadiha.
Gahirmatha : Odisha coasts posseses the world`s largest known rookery of Olive Ridley sea turtle. Apart from Gahirmatha, two other mass nesting beaches have been located which are on the mouth of rivers Rushikulya and Devi. The spectacular site of mass congregation of Olive Ridley sea turtles for mating and nesting enthralls both the scientists and the nature lovers throughout the world. This unique phenomenon is hardly seen anywhere in India. That rarity of mass congregation and the cruelty meted out to these innocent marine creatures, paved the way for declaration of the stretch of water body from old light house near Batighar to Maipura river mouth as Gahirmatha (Marine) Wildlife Sanctuary.
Baunshagarh River Mouth
Habalikhati Beach


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