Vast stretch of blue water swarming with birdlife, magnificent islands and splendid shoreline on the backdrop of Eastern Ghat hills have made Chilika one of the finest wetlands on the Indian subcontinent with rich biodiversity and cultural heritage.
Major entry points of Chilika for visitors are Satapada, Mangalajodi, Balugaon and Rambha. Major attractions for tourists in Chilika are:

From Satapada :

Rajhans :

About 45 min boat journey from Satapada, it is situated in the northern sector of the Chilika lake in an exclusive area having views of Bay of Bengal and Chilika lake. The sand bars, Casuarina shelter belt, the sea facing and lake facing Watch towers attracts the nature lovers and tourists to that place.
Casuarina Forest
Pristine beach
White Bellied Sea Eagle
  1. Satapada : It is located in the eastern side of the lake about 50 Kms. away from Puri. It is bounded by lake on three sides and thus offers an excellent view of the lake. The interpretation center and eco-park at Satapada attract the tourists from the State and abroad. The surfacing Irrawaddy Dolphins in the lake is the main attraction of Satapada.
  2. Rambhartia : About one and half hour boat journey from Satapada, the new sea mouth near Rambhartia and the Casuarina plantation on the sand bar standing as coastal shelterbelt also attract the nature lovers to Satapada. A beautiful stretch of endless stretch of empty beach exists along the sandbar, which separates the lake from the sea. Picnickers also are attracted by this place during winter in large numbers.
  3. Manikpatna : It is situated in the outer channel having mythological and historical background. As per historical evidence, there was a port which was used for trade with the Far-East Asia. Bhaba Kundaleswar temple and one old mosque are located here.
  4. Barunkuda : It is a small island situated near Magarmukh near satapada with a temple of Lord Varuna.
  5. Nabagraha : An ancient deity located near village Berhampura on an island along the outer channel.
  6. Choubar Shiva Temple : Located near the outer channel near village Alupatna.
From Mangalajodi :
  1. Mangalajodi : This is a marshy land situate in the northern part of Chilika lagoon, 5 km away from NH-16 near Tangi, which is unique place of bird congregation during winter. Resident birds also can be sighted here throughout the year. Boating in creeks inside tall Nala grasses and thick congregation of local and migratory birds attract the nature lovers. Local communities provide boating, guide and accommodation facilities for visitors.
  2. Sundarpur : This is a continuation of Mangalajodi marsh. Visitors can have a panoramic view of the bird congregation area from the watch tower. It can be approached directly by road from Mangalajodi village or by boating or simply walking on the earthen bunds in the marsh.


From Balugaon :
  1. Nalabana Island : It is a partly submerged island declared as Bird Sanctuary in the 1987. The natural food bed and the roosting ground of Nalabana attracts the migratory birds during the period from October – March every year. The tall Flamingoes and Grey Pelicans are the attraction of the Nalabana Sanctuary, the bird’s paradise. Tourist boats are not allowed to enter the sanctuary. However, tourists can enjoy the flock of migratory birds around boundary line of the sanctuary without disturbing the birds.
  2. Kalijai Temple : It is situated on an island considered to be abode of the Goddess Kalijai. There is a popular folklore, which makes the jaunt even more interesting. Tourists from outside who visit Chilika also make it a point to visit Kalijai temple.
  3. Parikud : A composite island along the eastern side of Chilika was originally known as Old Parikuda. They are collectively known as the Garh Krushna Prasad block and are ideal spots for nature lovers, during the winter season when migratory avifauna is abundant.
From Rambha :
  1. Honeymoon Island : It is situated in the Rambha Bay near the Sanakuda island. It is 5 km away from Rambha jetty. It is also known as Barkuda island. Britishers used this island for picnicking. The water around the island is very clear and turquoise blue in colour. The limbless lizard was discovered on this island by Annandale and Kemp.
  2. Breakfast Island : The island is located in the Rambha Bay and between Badakuda and Somolo island. It is a pear shaped island. It is also known as Sanakuda island. A bungalow was constructed on this island by the King of Khallikote. Mr. Snodgrass, the then Collector of Ganjam used to come to this Bungalow quite frequently. The island was full of greenery with Casupourea ceylanica, a mangrove associate. The vegetation at this moment is in a degraded condition.
  3. Beacon Island : Located 3 km away from Rambha OTDC Bungalow, it ia an architectural marvel with a conical pillar and a small room constructed on a submerged mass of rock in the Rambha Bay near Ghantasila hill. This was built by Mr. Snodgrass, the then Collector of Ganjam under the East India Company. The ornamental pillar was constructed to put a light on the top. The water spread around the Beacon Island is breathtakingly beautiful.
  4. Somolo and Dumkudi : Situated in the central and southern sectors of the lake, these islands are inundated remnants of the Eastern Ghats. Though rocky, they are rich in flora and fauna. Dolphins are often sighted on the peripheral water of Somolo island. A beautiful and unique backdrop to Somolo is the Khallikote hill range.
  5. Birds Island : It is situated in the southern sector of Chilika. This is a small hillock with huge exposed hanging rocks. It is 4 km away from Rambha Tourist Bungalow and 1 km away from the eastern side of Ghantasila hill. The granite rocks are the remnants of Eastern Ghats. Some of the rocks are painted white with the droppings of the birds. Some local birds use the island as perching ground. During winter season, migratory birds are sighted here in large numbers. It is known for its rich algal communities.


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